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Apr 12 2012

James Erwin Book Signing On April 26th

 Subterranean Books is very excited to welcome James W. Erwin to the University City Library for a signing of his book, Guerillas In Civil War Missouri  on Thursday, April 26 at 7:00PM. In his book Erwin has taken a forgotten chapter of Missouri’s difficult history during the Civil War and brought it to life in vivid detail. Beginning […]

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Mar 22 2012

The Hunger Games At Subterranean Books

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock you may have noticed that the film adaption of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games is in theaters. It has been a pretty big deal in the media and also in the book world as well. This 2008 young adult novel and its follow-up titles have been big sellers for us […]

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Feb 18 2012

Art Books:Caravaggio, Van Gogh & More

Back in the day we were a used bookstore. But that is neither here nor there. What matters is that as a result we still have a nice selection of great used art titles waiting to be loved. These selections cover almost every movement and even consist of catalogs of entire collections. If you dig […]

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Jan 19 2012

Great Expectations…

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…are what we have right now for our January and specifically for a very exciting event we’re hosting next Thursday, Jan. 26. All of us at Subterranean are proud to be the venue for another John Hendrix author appearance and signing — this time for John’s brand-new book, A Boy Called Dickens (Schwartz & Wade Books, […]

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Jan 14 2012


It is a chilly and sunny Saturday in The Loop. Lots of people are coming in from the Ice Carnival who have never been in our store before. It’s always exciting to see the magical look on someone’s face when they realize they have a real, honest to goodness local bookstore that they can shop […]

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Aug 22 2011

Hey Ho, Let’s Go

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I’ve had a very good summer so far. Got the chance to go to New York City and then the Hill Country of Texas, two locales I have a lot of affection for. But what I really want to do (my wife as well) is tour England. Finances preclude this dream materializing anytime soon, though, so it’s […]

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Jun 28 2011

Comanche Style

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Just started S.C. Gwynne’s Empire of the Summer Moon (Scribner, $16) a couple of nights ago and it’s absolutely un-put-down-able (that’s a clunky locution but a perfectly apt one). The book chronicles the history of the Comanche tribe, its war with Texas settlers and the U.S. Army, and its last and most famous chief, Quanah […]

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May 17 2011


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I remember the time and the place perfectly. An afternoon in April, 1968, in the northern Virginia city my parents and I lived in just outside Washington, D.C. I was playing in the back of my dad’s brand-new VW squareback station wagon; my father was up front and we were in some busy parking lot, […]

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May 09 2011

Book Club TONIGHT, 7pm

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You’ll be able to talk with Nina Revoyr via Skype and it’s the kind of book that talking with the author will be such an enrichjing experience!

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Apr 13 2011

Robert Wrigley’s Gift

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It’s April, national poetry month, so now’s the time to talk a little bit about one of the best volumes of new poetry I’ve read this year, Beautiful Country (Penguin Books, $18) by Robert Wrigley. Wrigley is originally from this area (Collinsville, Illinois, to be exact) but left it a long time ago and now has a well deserved […]

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