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Jun 29 2006

Sub’s Top Nine C

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So I’ve been tracking our bestsellers closely for a month now, and it’s amazed me how the books keep moving up and down the charts. But the biggest mover these days is Why I Write by George Orwell, which is from Penguin’s beautiful Great Ideas series and they’ve just added several new titles (including the […]

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Jun 29 2006

Independents Week

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I LOVE Fireworks. Like almost in a weird way. I live near the water tower on South Grand and occasionally we’ll walk up there to see them during the St. Louis throwdown that is the 4th. It’s just really not good enough, though. You can’t HEAR them from there and in my mind, that’s missing […]

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Jun 28 2006

Even More Photography

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Who hasn’t stumbled across old family photographs before? Usually at Grandma’s when you’re a bored out of your mind teenager, it seems. They always look so much cooler than the pictures of today. And I find that when you go back and look at those same shots as an adult, Grandma has become so beautiful […]

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Jun 26 2006

Art is Alive

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Has anyone seen Remote Viewing (Invented Worlds in Recent Painting and Drawing)? It is freaking amazing. It’s a current FREE exhibit at the Art Museum containing the work of 8 different contemporary artists. I know very little about the contemporary art world and some of these folks blew me away. (Although there were a couple […]

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Jun 25 2006

Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation just keeps on being relevant (Jennifer Florida?). It was first published in 2001 (I know, I know, that’s only five years ago, but five years is a long time in topical non-fiction writing) and now has served as inspiration for a Richard Linklater film. Schlosser covers all aspects of fast food: labor, […]

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Jun 24 2006

Sport is Dead, Long Live Sport

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It’s been a tough week for St. Louis sports fans. The US (led, in part, by former SLU star Brian McBride) was eliminated from the World Cup, the Cardinals have lost control of their pitching, and it was really humid all week! Despite these facts, Javier and I heroically and courageously overcame sports melancholy to […]

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Jun 23 2006

It’s The Season of Books

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This is one of the times of the year that publisher’s reps come spinning through, seducing us with their wares for the fall. We’ve recently met with Phaidon and Taschen, and a few more are on the agenda for the next two weeks. (Which means, by the way, if you’re trying to set up ANY […]

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Jun 21 2006

Big Top Subby

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Time is running out to see one of the (many) gems of St. Louis cultural life, Circus Flora. The last show is on June 25 (that’s five days left, folks). If you don’t know CF, then you’re missing out. It’s a European-style circus that features acrobatics, juggling, horses, and a clown who would impress even […]

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Jun 21 2006

My Family Has Been “Dog People” From Way Back

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My parents were in town this past weekend and I learned two things: 1. My great grandmother had a German Shepherd Dog named Kai that she could send to the store with a coin purse and list in his mouth, and he would return with whatever she had needed. I so don’t think our three […]

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Jun 17 2006

She Loves You

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No more of this future tense stuff, on Sunday, Paul McCartney will BE 64. Wow, that’s kind of crazy (but perhaps not as shocking as losing John Lennon to a crazed gunman and George Harrison to cancer). My love affair with the Fab Four began at a tender age of nine, and I can still […]

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