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Aug 31 2006

New Shrewsbury Metro Line is Officially Wonderful

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I’ve been to almost every new Metrolink station now, and most of them are quite grand. Especially wonderful are the underground stops at Big Bend and at Skinker. Big Bend has a really cool installation art piece, and the Skinker stop feels like it’s in a real city (we do live in a real city, […]

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Aug 30 2006

Grant Morrison is Crazy

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But I like him. He entered the comics scene in America in the 80s during a British invasion period (which included folks like Neil Gaiman), and he’s been screwing with narrative, mythology, and symbolism ever since. He took an almost forgotten book called Doom Patrol and made it a cut-up surrealist romp through outsiderism, doubt, […]

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Aug 28 2006

The Writing’s on the Wall

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Does anyone else have a thing for painted signs on brick buildings? These Ghost Signs are usually quick to disappear once they’ve been uncovered like the one shown here, or if they’re on a building slated for a rehab or a new tenant. I seem to remember that there was something on the building that […]

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Aug 24 2006

Kristopher Pollard : It’s Not Nepotism

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However, I should come clean. I’ve known Saint Sebastian over there for about fourteen years, and I think he’s an excellent artist. Tomorrow from 7-9 PM and through late-September you can find out what an excellent artist he (Kristopher “kpolly” Pollard) is yourself. The work is graphic–mostly figurative–and it incorporates some text. I think of […]

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Aug 24 2006

The Week That Was

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Bestsellers: 8/17-8/23 Personally I think this would be a nice selection to start a book collection with. 1. John Perkins : Confessions of an Economic Hit Man 2. Bernd Evers : Architectural Theory 3. Albertus Seba : Cabinet of Natural Curiosities 4. Kurt Vonnegut : Galapagos 5. Richard Matheson : I Am Legend 6. Jacquelyn […]

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Aug 18 2006

#1: King of All Subterraneans

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6, 5, 4, 3, 2… And there is no question about this one. Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States has been the store’s bestselling book from almost day one. I like to see this as proof that a good book never goes away and that humanity is always looking to find truth […]

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Aug 18 2006

#2: Dean and Sal

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“I want my two dollars!” The second best seller in the history of our favorite bookstore is a novel we think exemplifies Subterraneanism, On the Road by Jack Kerouac. I won’t bore you with a recap of who Dean Moriarty, Sal Paradise, Carlo Marx, and the bunch all are. You probably know already. Maybe you […]

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Aug 16 2006

Hey Jenni!

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Try this the next time you’re at the gym! –Jason

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Aug 14 2006

Ride On You Crazy Diamonds!

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Metro, Sub, and You in Map Form Many of us Subterraneans have bigger goals for the area than just Metrolink expansion–like a pedestrian zone running along Delmar from Skinker to Kingsland. But all good things come to those who wait, and we’ve waited and waited for new Metro stations to open. That day is finally […]

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Aug 11 2006

Busby Berkley De-Constructed

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OK Go – Here It Goes Again Try this the next time you’re at the gym! –Jenni

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