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Nov 29 2006

Nature of the Beast

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Our art section is changing! Our art section is changing! Well, maybe it’s not that exciting, but in the next couple of days it’s going to transform from an unruly primitive monster to a modernist work of logic. Well, maybe. I haven’t worked out all the details yet, and most the books are lying on […]

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Nov 29 2006

A Tree Grows in St. Louis

After buying all your holiday goods at Subterranean (hint! hint!), you may be left wondering what you can give this year that will also benefit the community (not that giving books doesn’t!). Of course, there are a lot of great projects, but here are two of my favorites. The first is the “Tree-Membrance” program in […]

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Nov 25 2006

For Jenni

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Nov 22 2006

Thanksgiving Thus

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Perhaps some ideas for reading material on the plane/train/bus. Here’s what people have been coming in for the last couple of weeks. 1. Maddox : Alphabet of Manliness 2. Max Brooks : The Zombie Survival Guide 3. J.D. Salinger : Nine Stories 4. Chuck Klosterman : Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs 5. Orhan Pamuk : […]

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Nov 22 2006


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The flakes are in and the window is done. Thanks to everyone who cut some serious paper for us!

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Nov 16 2006

Sometimes the customer is Court Jester

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Wanna know what kind of customer you are? Take this quiz. *This quiz in no legitimate way reflects either reality or the judgments of store ownership, Jason, or Jenni. I was sipping bourbon behind the counter when it was composed.

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Nov 12 2006

2006 Subby Snowflake Drive

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So you’re sitting at home with nothing to do. How about making paper snowflakes for us? We’re putting together our new window display soon, and we could use all the little paper art you can throw at us. Subby will always appreciate it! Big, small, medium…we don’t care. What a way to make yourself part […]

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Nov 11 2006

Thanks, Stadium Pal!

Apart from there being a Essayist Laureate, nothing could make me happier than to see an essayist reading his essay (I would like to say “essay” once more) on a late-night talk show. Thanks, Letterman! Note: Tis the season for David Sedaris’ Santaland Diaries and Amy’s new book on hospitality, I Like You.

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Nov 09 2006

Azurite, Cerulean, Cobalt…

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The art exhibit New Blues went up in the gallery today. It is really beautiful. The artist is Barbara Zucker and she has put together a showing of her cyanotypes. They are these wonderfully moody photographs comprised completely of shades of blue and white. The contrast between the white paper and the blues is very […]

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Nov 08 2006

It’s So Lovely

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Oh my gosh are you people outside today? It is absolutely beautiful. And the trees. The leaves are falling off of the tree in front of the store in these wonderful layers of orange and yellow and red. Freakishly warm, yes, but lovely all the same. Also, they started ripping out the shelves and ceiling […]

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