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Jan 31 2007

One-Stop Shop

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  Books? Check Shirts? Check Journals? Check Tarot? Tarot? Why yes, check that, too. We have a tarot reader in the store now.  Her name is Raechel and she’s fabulous.  She read my cards last Saturday and it freaked me out a little.  It hit a bit too close to home.  She’ll be at the […]

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Jan 25 2007

Film Anyone?

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So, I embarrassingly admit that I have never read Fahrenheit 451 and that I just saw the movie for the first time last year.  LAST YEAR.  The shame continues… I had to LOOK UP who these filmmakers are and what their movies are that I’m about to post about.  My head is bowed.  We can’t all […]

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Jan 24 2007

We Jump to # 12!

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St. Louis is even more literate this year than last. The list compiled by Central Connecticut State University ranking America’s most literate cities for this year has been released.  In the 2005 list we were at 15, but this year we’ve jumped to 12.  How exciting is that?  The list-makers look at the number of […]

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Jan 21 2007

Not So Blue

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I know today is the day of Super Bowl dreams, but I have to throw some love out there to my boys in the blue sweaters. Since firing head coach Mike Kitchen, the Blues have been nothing short of fantastic–clearly the best team in hockey the last month. They went from cellar dwellers to a […]

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Jan 19 2007

There is ALL SORTS OF STUFF Up In The Gallery

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Wow, she has really transformed the space.  Jennifer Weigel is the newest artist to take over our space and she’s done a spectacular job.  She told me a while ago that one of the things she really likes to do is to see a space and figure out how to fit her work into it.  […]

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Jan 18 2007

Everything seems a little tardy these days.

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And that includes the Subby Super Six Sellers of December. 1. Amy Sedaris : I Like You     2. Edward Gorey : The Gashlycrumb Tinies      3. Noam Chomsky : Hegemony or Survival     4. The Best Nonrequired Reading 2006       5. Haruki Murakami : Wind-Up Bird Chronicle    6. Max […]

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Jan 16 2007

“Tarantino-ish Quirkiness”

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Above is how the Philadelphia Inquirer describes one of Richard Burgin‘s characters in his book The Conference on Beautiful Moments.  We are co-sponsoring (with the St. Louis Public Library) a free reading and signing by Burgin of his book  at the Schlafly Branch of the St. Louis Public Library.  The event takes place at 7pm Wednesday, January […]

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Jan 12 2007

Pressing Subby

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                                                       We don’t want to gloat or anything…it’s just…well, the thing is…the freaking Post-Dispatch gave us good words in yesterday’s “Get Out”! Read here for yourself.

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Jan 10 2007


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There are a lot of kinks in this baby right now: YouTube stuff doesn’t work (go to our old blog if you care to see any of the video for now), some of the links are wrong, and our “about” page doesn’t exist yet. But we’re trying. It’ll all be cool soon. We promise.

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