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Mar 28 2007

Potter Maniacs Alert

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The new cover is revealed… 

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Mar 28 2007

900 Pound Gorilla

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We’ve been getting a lot of calls, stop ins, and emails lately about a certain topic, so I thought I’d address it here. I know a lot of you are doing some spring cleaning, getting ready to graduate, and whatnot. So you’ve got some books you want to sell. Well, unfortunately, we’re not interested. In […]

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Mar 23 2007

A Comely Chap Dressed in Red, White, and Blue

According to a Post-Dispatch article yesterday, Metrolink has averaged over 63,000 passengers a day in four of the six full months since the Shrewsbury line opened in late August last year. Metro had a goal of 63,000 passengers/day set for 2015. Eight years before schedule…not bad! Now I ride the old boy almost every day, and […]

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Mar 20 2007

Celine Dion? Huh?

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We here at Subterranean love love love 33 1/3.  I discovered the other day that they have a blog, and the super cool thing is that every once in a while they’ll issue a ranking, by number of sales.  It’s a bit skewed because, obviously, some titles have been out longer and have had a […]

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Mar 17 2007


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   Snow? –Kelly, who used to be warm  UPDATE:  Weather Underground tells me this–which I’m not too excited about, either.  But in the interest of staying positive, it’ll make those flowers beautiful.

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Mar 14 2007

Sweet Dreams

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While Kelly was slaving away at the store by herself, I was laid out on the couch for two days, eating a pint of my new favorite ice cream (Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream) and catching up on the best thinly veiled allegory about the Iraq War on television…Battlestar Galactica (thanks again for the loan, Brian!). […]

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Mar 12 2007

Spring in St. Louis is Good

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We got an email from Firecracker Press pointing us to a recent entry about them on Lo-Fi Saint Louis .  Since Jeremy’s on his honeymoon it’s just me, all day, all Monday and Tuesday, and what better way to spend my time than surfing the web? Anyway, I spent a chunk of time on Lo-Fi […]

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Mar 06 2007

May All Thieves Burn in Hell (Or Be Strapped to The Chair)

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So, yeah, we did inventory. Apparently the Book Curse needs to be added to the Oxford Very Short Introduction shelf. Hit hard. I have very many words to throw at these leeches, none of them kind, and few of them fit for print. The amount of dollars that walked out the door with these “missing” […]

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Mar 05 2007

Book Signing/Reading

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We are excited to be co-sponsoring, with the St. Louis Public Library, a book signing and reading with St. Louis native Zelda Lockhart. The signing will be this Thursday, March 8 at 7pm at the Schlafly Branch of the library, which is located at 225 North Euclid in the Central West End. Cold Running Creek […]

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Mar 02 2007

Fahrenheit Fire February

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Last month’s bestsellers were… Ray Bradbury : Fahrenheit 451 Kiran Desai : The Inheritance of Loss Deng, et al. : They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky Taro Gomi : Everyone Poops Winsor McCay : Little Nemo 1905-1914 –List Master Jason

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