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May 31 2007

I’m in deep trouble

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I was raised in a pious family. My oldest brother, for instance, is a minister, and he’s not even the most devout one in the family! But I’m going to come clean…I love sacrilege. I bathe in it behind closed doors. I think it’s my way of getting back at the more repressive aspects of […]

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May 29 2007

What happens to books that don’t sell?

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Some people wonder how it is we can possibly be getting out of the used book business.  While our solution to too many used books that aren’t selling fast enough is to mark them way down and move ’em out,  this guy’s just burning them.  What a show.  He points to a decline in reading as […]

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May 26 2007

We’re Open Memorial Day

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I’m not sure how long we’ll be open, it depends on how busy it is, but we’ll be here Monday starting at 11am. –Kelly

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May 25 2007


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Our issue of St. Louis Magazine arrived in the mail today and featured in the Our Cool 13 section is our pal Carrie from Phoenix Rising. Check it out.  Personally, I think they could do a whole section just on the Loop.  In my imaginary article there would be Phoenix and City Sprouts, Fifi’s, Ziezo, […]

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May 23 2007

Thanks Playback!

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Jenni, Jenni’s husband Alex and I went to see Morrissey last night with what seemed to be about 2/3’s of Subterranean’s regular customers.  It was a great show.  They played a freaking amazing version of How Soon is Now.  How cool is it when a drummer is banging an enormous gong and the biggest bass drum […]

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May 19 2007

Get Your Tickets! Get Your Fresh Hot Tickets!

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  We sell books, we sell art, we sell handmades, we sell tickets. We’re the ticket vendor for the Jessica Haines & Mark Kaiser show at the Sheldon.  It’s part of the fabulous Notes From Home series and is a benefit show for the most awesome KDHX. If a night of Celtic folk music sounds […]

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May 18 2007

Cirque de St. Louis

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Part I:       You should already know by now (perhaps by hearing me yak incessantly about it) that St. Louis is truly blessed to be the home of one of the best circuses in North America, Circus Flora. Every year CF sets up an *air conditioned* big top in the parking lot of […]

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May 17 2007

The Loop’s a Hoppin’

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This Friday (5/18)  is the ArtLoop Gallery Hop.  There will be art openings and goings-on up and down the street (not to mention probably more than a fair share of free food and booze). We’re hosting R.J. Matson the clever clever Post-Dispatch political cartoonist.  He’s also had drawings in The Nation, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker,  […]

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May 16 2007

Tie a reminder string on your handlebars

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May is National Bike Month. This week is Bike-to-Work Week. Friday is Bike-to-Work Day. Does this all mean anything? Maybe not. Biking is a nice idea any day, not just this Friday. But the good folks at Trailnet and Great Rivers Greenway District want to sweeten the deal. They’re setting up four commute pit stops Friday to encourage […]

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May 11 2007

Charlie White is a Freak

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In The New York Times today there is a very interesting portrait of Charlie White, the odd photographer whose series Understanding Joshua is part of the understatedly named Charlie White: Photographs that we have sold a ton of over the years.  Usually the sale follows the exclamation, “What. IS. That?” He has a new book due out […]

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