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Aug 31 2007

Rest From Our Labors

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We’ll be closed Monday, Sept. 3 for Labor Day.  However, it appears that some of us will have to be laboring on our eternally unfinished mess of a house.  Somehow the, “It’ll take us three years, I swear,” has stretched into SEVEN and counting for the modestly named “renovation project.”

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Aug 30 2007

Roy, Silo and Little Tango

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Does anyone else think Roy is a very funny name for a penguin?  I probably shouldn’t talk; I have a girl dog named Angus.   Anyway, according to the American Library Association  (via) And Tango Makes Three was the most challenged book in 2006.  It’s the true story of two male penguins that raised a baby penguin […]

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Aug 28 2007

Votes For Us! Votes For Us!

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It’s time for our annual plea for votes in the RFT poll.  We (well I) was *crushed* when we lost last year.  It was the first year since we opened that we won neither the people’s vote nor the critics’ vote.   I cried for a week.  We know from secret inside sources how the critics’ […]

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Aug 25 2007

See You Tonight After Hours!

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Aug 24 2007

Yes Men Pledge More Children for War, Recycled Humans to Fit Energy Needs, and a Can Do Philosophy

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The Yes Men have been a little busy this summer. They scored a coup back in June when they were mistakenly invited to give a presentation at a large Canadian oil conference in Alberta. Organizers thought they were representatives of ExxonMobil and the National Petroleum Council. Now how would that happen? Well, the Yes Men […]

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Aug 21 2007

Joe Meno & Mickey Hess Thurs Sept 13, 7pm

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  Are you one of the many thousands of folks who have read Hairstyles of the Damned?  We sell it like crazy.  Now you get a chance to meet Joe Meno and tell him just how much that book meant to you.  And you can hear him read from and sign his (sort of) newest […]

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Aug 20 2007

The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus

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Aug 19 2007

Brand New Shoes, Walking Blues

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Well folks, it’s that time again: the start of the school year. Many kids have already headed back, but tomorrow, many more districts will open the flood gates to their students. Here at the book store, we’ve seen a surge in kids coming in for books so they can cram in their summer reading. You […]

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Aug 18 2007

We’re Reading

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Danika: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak (young adult) and Color: A Natural History of the Palette by Victoria Finlay (non-fiction) Jason: Joe Turner’s Come and Gone by August Wilson (play) Jenni: My Dark Places: An L.A Crime Memoir by James Ellroy (memoir) Kelly: On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan (fiction) and No One Belongs Here More […]

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Aug 17 2007

Hello, Good Books; Goodbye, Good Books

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Like all the sections in the store, there are still some choice USED books on the shelf in science fiction, even though someone wisely snatched up Joanna Russ’ The Female Man (one of my favorites and probably the best **feminist** sf novel ever written) and Walter Miller’s A Canticle for Leibowitz (easily one of the […]

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