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Jan 29 2010

Ice Carnival 2010

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Jan 23 2010

Need a Planner, You Say?

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It took me a long time to join the planner bandwagon, but dang am I fully on that horse now.  Watch the panic ensue, should I not be able to find my Moleskine. We have a few styles in stock this year, although the pickin’s are gettin’ slim.   Pocket Daily (a page per day) […]

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Jan 22 2010

Ah, Melville! Ah, humanity!

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oMg! i tOtEs <3 mElViLlE.           As I do every New Year housecleaning, I spotted my double novella edition of Bartleby the Scrivener and Benito Cereno by Herman Melville. I’ve had this book since I was twelve. It’s been following me around like a homework assignment I didn’t do because it is a homework assignment […]

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Jan 20 2010

Wise Words

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Here’s Richard Howorth, owner of the utterly wonderful indie store Square Books, located in downtown Oxford, Mississippi (this top-tier bookshop and cultural bastion is worth a road trip to ole Miss, believe me; I spent a couple hours browsing there one afternoon in 1987 and I’ve never forgotten it). The quote is taken from an […]

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Jan 18 2010

Psychic Maps

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Richard Florida’s insightful 2008 book, Who’s Your City?, links economic and cultural innovations with city living. Not a first by any means, but well written and surely with the statistics to back it up. Although he doesn’t quite challenge Thomas Friedman’s assertion that ‘The World Is Flat,’ Florida argues that in a globalized world of […]

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Jan 15 2010

This Saturday!

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  We’re getting an ice sculpture of a pop-up book.  Should be super cool.  And since it’s going to be 41 freaking degrees tomorrow (awesome, yes, but still–it is the Ice Carnival) you’ll have to get here early to see it before it melts.  I hate that.

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Jan 14 2010

Our Business is Show Business

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Note: I have not read either of the two books discussed below, but I believe (almost singularly) in osmosis. I am basing my opinion on a small and probably statistically insignificant number of books purchased, all apologies, high school math!   Asking a question like ‘Why do some books sell while others don’t?’ is like asking why […]

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Jan 12 2010


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Today I’ve been asked: A., Do you carry napkins? And, B., Do you sell books there? Note to self: Have a cold frosty beer when you get home.

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Jan 05 2010

Thumbs Way Up, Graywolf

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Many, many thanks to the good people of Graywolf Press for reissuing The Delicacy and Strength of Lace, a slim volume of letters between two great American writers: Leslie Marmon Silko and James Wright. Silko and Wright met only twice (the second time at Wright’s deathbed), but they carried on a brief — 1978 to […]

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