Jun 02 2008

Gruesome STL

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Please pardon a personal anecdote, but I just have to share. Yesterday, while dining with the brilliant yet humble Mrs. Jason, we were startled by a juvenile Starling banging into the side of our kitchen. The source of the Starling’s erratic behavior was a beautiful and deadly hungry Cooper’s Hawk that swooped out of nowhere to clutch the stunned bird and squeeze (yes, squeeze) it to death. I’ve heard about Cooper’s and Sharp-shinned Hawks attacking song birds in suburban backyards, but we would have never guessed one would hunt in our postage-stamp-sized city yard. Pretty sweet…and nasty and disgusting. O, Nature, ye brute.


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  1. peps says:

    yep, that’s exactly how it went! awesome and depressing.

    whether “pest” haters care or not, i felt sorry for the starling. there’s so much to like about them.

    it wasn’t particularly brilliant of me to leave the feeders so exposed. thus, feeding stations are closed until we can get some leafy hiding spots–to at least make this contest a bit fairer!

  2. Michael says:

    My friend Ray and I once went to Streetside before a midnight show at the Tivoli. On the way out of the store, we saw a gigantic spider that had caught a cicada in its web and was slowly reeling it up. Each time the spider would draw the cicada close enough to eat, the cicada would emit a buzz and scare the spider into dropping it back down. This went on for a good fifteen minutes, and we attracted a small crowd of fellow onlookers before we had to split for the movie. When we emerged from the theatre, we found the spider snacking on its prey. I wonder how long it took.

  3. Atia says:

    We’ve seen the same in our Olivette neighborhood. There has been a hawk (not sure if its Cooper or Red-tailed), but we’ve seen it on several occasions going after smaller birds. They are big and beautiful, but seeing them go after our neighborly song birds is a bit disturbing.

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