Oct 26 2009

Bumper Crop This Season

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But Who Will Bell the Cats? by Cynthia von Buhler (Houghton Mifflin, 16.00, ages 4-6 picture book)

bwwbtcvWow, is this cool.  Seriously, the images and the message are really great.  Let’s start with the images.  You can see the richness of the colors on the cover and that richness is carried throughout.  Lush is a word that comes to mind.  Von Buhler built the scenes as little 3D stages and then added in the flat animals/princess (condensed version) so that they have this striking depth paired with stark flatness–3D and 2D in one.  The effect is really really cool.  And the story: it starts with the Aesop’s fable about belling the cats but then goes off on its own trajectory.  There is a whole upstairs/downstairs, haves/have-nots dichotomy depicted with mouse and bat living under the house in drab, dank settings and the princess and her cats living upstairs in the lap of luxury.  Mouse and bat try numerous methods to bell the cats so that they can enjoy the good life as well and after failing multiple times (in funny scenarios) they finally concoct an idea good enough that it just might work.

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  2. Thank you for this review! I’m glad that you enjoyed But Who Will Bell the Cats? I have an elaborate website for the book at: http://www.butwhowillbellthecats.com You might also like my previous book, The Cat Who Wouldn’t Come Inside. I made it with puppets and 3-D sets. http://www.comeinsidekitty.com

    Cheers, Cynthia

    PS: I have google alerts, so I find out about book mentions right away.

  3. Tony Renner says:

    i bought this book for my 4-year old nephew’s birthday… i looks great, and i’m sure he’ll love it… thanks for the heads-up….

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